Your Adventuring Party Discovered Treasure. Now What?

“Have you ever defeated a dragon and collected its 6-ton hoard, only to find yourself miles away from the nearest civilization without a horse and wagon?
If so, you need to read these tips on how to manage your treasure.”
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3 Horror Movie Monsters to Include in Your Next D&D Session

Are you looking to add a bit of horror to your DnD games this Halloween? Searching for a fresh monster made of children’s nightmares or several tons of marshmallowy terror? Check out my article on Horror Movie Monsters, including stat blocks to use for your campaign:

150 Shops, Stalls, and Stores

My DMs Guild title “150 Shops, Stalls, and Stores” has been downloaded over 1,000 times and is a Best Silver Seller! I’m so happy that the community is using my work to create great DnD experiences & shopping sprees! It’s currently pay what you want and available at:

Table Tracker

I published a table tracker for TTRPG games on DMs Guild! It is a visual diagram with slots for Character Name, Race, Class, Level, AC, Passive Perception, and Spell DC, as well as DM and Session info. It’s especially useful for DMing or playing at conventions or for rotating weekly groups. Currently available as pay what you want! Check it out at: