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How to Role-Play a Cultist in Dungeons & Dragons 5e

“Cultists are individuals engaged in the fervent and single-minded service of an individual or a God, often banding together to obtain extreme goals. Their interactions with characters may vary depending on the God they serve and the goals they are trying to achieve, but there are some fundamental principles to keep in mind when role-playing cultists.”

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Command: How Does This 1st Level D&D Spell Work?

“Are you looking for a 1st-level spell that can bring your enemies to their knees? A spell that scales when casting at higher levels, allowing you to control up to 9 enemy combatants? Let me introduce you to Command.”

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Adventure Release: Queen of the Deep

In celebration of @mountain_foot hitting 1,000 followers, he’s released a special map and several writers (including me) have created one-shot dnd adventures to accompany it. Check out my adventure, Queen of the Deep, where characters explore a seaside cavern system turned (abandoned) pirate safehouse.



Silence: What’s So Great About This 2nd-Level D&D Spell

“Are you looking for a 2nd-level spell that can neutralize even the most powerful mage? A spell that, when cast only twice, has been known to take out Acererak, the powerful lich responsible for Faerun’s recent Death Curse? Let me introduce you to silence.”

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Trinkets: Their Usefulness in Dungeons & Dragons

Trinkets are a frequently unappreciated tool in a character’s toolbox, largely because they don’t have the mechanical benefits that standard or magical equipment do.

However, they have the potential to bring enormous value to role-playing situations, as well as helping to build up a unique character with a rich backstory. Instead of discarding or disregarding you trinkets, try indulging in them and building your trinkets into your character description and actions.”

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How to Role-Play a Vampire in D&D

Vampires have existed in various folklore for centuries, appearing as blood-sucking beings that subsist on human hemoglobin. The modern image of a vampire, that of a pale, charismatic human, dates from 1819 with the release of The Vampyre by John Polidori and became famous in 1897 with Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Though vampires have undergone many changes throughout the years, evolving from bloodthirsty beasts to sparkling teenage boys, these alluring villains act as compelling monsters in whatever form they take. In 5th edition (5e), vampires are imagined similarly to Dracula: highly intelligent, charismatic, and cunning.”

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