Not Quite Heroes Podcast: 1,500 Downloads!

We just hit 1,500 downloads on our #dnd podcast: Not Quite Heroes! I’m so grateful to go on this journey with such a talented group of nerds, and I’m beyond excited that our crazy antics have reached such a large audience. Thank you to everyone who listens and supports us! (find us outside of Apple) – Patreon – Apple Podcast – Dice Envy (it will show as the usual site, but it works!) – Merch – Chat

LIVE: Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks!

Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks just hit DMsGuild! This book includes 58 diverse NPCs for your dnd campaign, including my own contribution (a half-earth genasi, half-elf wild magic baker named Alanna). Over 130 pages of content highlighting diversity in characters, with setting-neutral options so you can integrate these NPCs into any campaign, AND it is available in digital or print edition.