Extra Life VI

Extra Life VI at Atomic Empire is THIS WEEKEND (November 15-17) in Durham, NC! Today is the last day for Early Registration ($30) for all 3 days of play.
We’ll be hosting DDEP09-01 Infernal Pursuits and the 2019 Open (Forged in Fire), as well as a regional premiere for Pipyap’s Guide to All the Nine Hells (with games for every tier of play)! Fai Chen will be opening his market to adventurers on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!
We’ll be hosting a Charity Silent Auction on Saturday. Items include exclusive AL-legal certs, donated to our event by AL Admins Amy Dzura and Greg Marks, with rewards such as a glitter elemental, owlbear cublet, and even a special subclass unlock from Minsc & Boo’s Guide to Stuff & Things. We’ll also have community donated items, including hand-painted miniatures, fantastical dice bags, and more! We’ll be selling reroll tokens all weekend, with custom coins created by our local community members. Proceeds from the Silent Auction and Reroll Tokens will go directly to Extra Life!
Signups and links to the Online Payment Portal are located on our Warhorn page: https://warhorn.net/events/nc-extra-life-dnd-adventurers-league-2019. After today, you can purchase your Weekend Pass for $35 or Single Session Pass for $10.

Not Quite Heroes Podcast: 1,500 Downloads!

We just hit 1,500 downloads on our #dnd podcast: Not Quite Heroes! I’m so grateful to go on this journey with such a talented group of nerds, and I’m beyond excited that our crazy antics have reached such a large audience. Thank you to everyone who listens and supports us!
notquiteheroespodcast.com (find us outside of Apple) bit.ly/NotQuitePatreon – Patreon bit.ly/NotQuiteApple – Apple Podcast bit.ly/NotQuiteDice – Dice Envy (it will show as the usual site, but it works!) bit.ly/NotQuiteStore – Merch bit.ly/NotQuiteChat – Chat

DnD Live 2019

I had a fantastic time DMing the DnD Adventurer’s League Epic at DnD Live 2019. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best DMs in the country, meet some of my internet-friends in real life, and experience one of the most exciting DnD events of the year. Thanks to everyone who attended the event for making it such a wonderful experience! I hope to see you all again soon!


When Dreams Become Nightmares- Pony Up! DnD Anthology

My adventure- “When Dreams Become Nightmares”- will be premiering in the upcoming “Pony Up!” DnD anthology! The anthology features 5 equestrian-themed adventures written by LGBTQ+ authors. The preorder campaign is coming in May 2019. Stay tuned for artist announcements & more!

Announcing: An LGBTQ+ Module Anthology!

Adventure Release: Queen of the Deep

In celebration of @mountain_foot hitting 1,000 followers, he’s released a special map and several writers (including me) have created one-shot dnd adventures to accompany it. Check out my adventure, Queen of the Deep, where characters explore a seaside cavern system turned (abandoned) pirate safehouse.



Cantrip Candles: “Sanctuary” Quest WINNER!

My writing submission to Cantrip Candles: Sanctuary Quest was accepted as a winning piece!

“Our second place winner is Emily Smith who created a captivating and tense written piece! You can read it below, and find her on twitter @emilyjeasmith! Thank you to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for our next quest!”

Check it out at: https://www.cantripcandles.com/sanctuary

Direct Link to my Submission: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/045b30_b9d58a86f0c94178aaf183fc68ee50b1.pdf