Not Quite Heroes Podcast: 1,500 Downloads!

We just hit 1,500 downloads on our #dnd podcast: Not Quite Heroes! I’m so grateful to go on this journey with such a talented group of nerds, and I’m beyond excited that our crazy antics have reached such a large audience. Thank you to everyone who listens and supports us! (find us outside of Apple) – Patreon – Apple Podcast – Dice Envy (it will show as the usual site, but it works!) – Merch – Chat

DnD Live 2019

I had a fantastic time DMing the DnD Adventurer’s League Epic at DnD Live 2019. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best DMs in the country, meet some of my internet-friends in real life, and experience one of the most exciting DnD events of the year. Thanks to everyone who attended the event for making it such a wonderful experience! I hope to see you all again soon!


When Dreams Become Nightmares- Pony Up! DnD Anthology

My adventure- “When Dreams Become Nightmares”- will be premiering in the upcoming “Pony Up!” DnD anthology! The anthology features 5 equestrian-themed adventures written by LGBTQ+ authors. The preorder campaign is coming in May 2019. Stay tuned for artist announcements & more!

Announcing: An LGBTQ+ Module Anthology!

Adventure Release: Queen of the Deep

In celebration of @mountain_foot hitting 1,000 followers, he’s released a special map and several writers (including me) have created one-shot dnd adventures to accompany it. Check out my adventure, Queen of the Deep, where characters explore a seaside cavern system turned (abandoned) pirate safehouse.



Cantrip Candles: “Sanctuary” Quest WINNER!

My writing submission to Cantrip Candles: Sanctuary Quest was accepted as a winning piece!

“Our second place winner is Emily Smith who created a captivating and tense written piece! You can read it below, and find her on twitter @emilyjeasmith! Thank you to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for our next quest!”

Check it out at:

Direct Link to my Submission:

3 Horror Movie Monsters to Include in Your Next D&D Session

Are you looking to add a bit of horror to your DnD games this Halloween? Searching for a fresh monster made of children’s nightmares or several tons of marshmallowy terror? Check out my article on Horror Movie Monsters, including stat blocks to use for your campaign: