DMs Guild

Emily is actively writing and publishing new content on DMs Guild. All of her content is posted here.

Winter’s Grasp

My 1st DMsGuild Adventure, Winter’s Grasp, just went live! It’s a 1-hr oneshot and is currently PWYW in celebration of the season.

“As adventurers search for a boy’s lost dog, they find even a simple quest can have grave implications. When the balance of power shifts and a long-foretold winter begins to stretch across planes, freezing all life in its path, will adventurers be able to save the one dog who can prevent the prophesy from coming to pass?”

150 Shops, Stalls, and Stores

My DMs Guild title “150 Shops, Stalls, and Stores” has been downloaded almost 2,000 times and is a Best Electrum Seller! I’m so happy that the community is using my work to create great DnD experiences & shopping sprees! It’s currently pay what you want and available here.

Table Tracker

I published a table tracker for TTRPG games on DMs Guild! It is a visual diagram with slots for Character Name, Race, Class, Level, AC, Passive Perception, and Spell DC, as well as DM and Session info. It’s especially useful for DMing or playing at conventions or for rotating weekly groups. Currently available as pay what you want! Check it out here.