Villains & Lairs 2

Villains & Lairs 2 is LIVE! Featuring multidimensional villains created by many writers, including my own “villain”: a twist on the classic druid, they care for all creatures- beasts and monstrosities alike. Their lair features a menagerie of creatures.

“Grab it at the limited-time, introductory price of $6.95. 24 more villains, 8 new lairs, and more magic items!”–Lairs-II




Gary Con XII Announcement

The writing team for Gary Con XII has just been announced! I’m ecstatic to be collaborating some of the best and brightest writers in the DnD world. Check out this post for a link to their pages!D3GJaFfW0AEnD9t


Traps: Every Villain in D&D Has Their Own Unique Twist On Them

“Every monster or mastermind creates traps with differing designs and purposes. Creating a variety of traps that reflect the will of their creator produces a unique environment for parties to interact with.”

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Why Dungeon Masters Should Incorporate More Traps in D&D

Traps are often seen as a tax on players, that serve only to wear down characters and draw out a campaign. However, intentional use of traps can be one of the most powerful tools in a Dungeon Master’s (we call them Quest Masters) toolbox to let characters utilize their skills, balance encounter difficulty, increase player problem solving, and create a unique storytelling experience.”

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How to Role-Play a Kobold in D&D

Kobold sprites are originally found in German mythology, where they are invisible creatures that can transform into other shapes, such as a candle, a child, or even fire. These evil beings are equally as likely to do household chores as they are to murder entire households. Their malicious nature manifests in various forms throughout folklore, where they serve as servants of satanic or pagan cults, and possess a wide variety of powers.

In TTRPGs, Kobolds were reinvented as humanoids known for their skill in building traps and mining. The only similarities they share with their Germanic ancestors are their size and affinity for mining.”

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How to Role-Play a Scout

“Scouts are the first line of defense for cities and towns, as well as adventuring parties, caravans, and military forces. The personalities and dispositions of scouts vary widely, depending on the groups they work with, the terrain they scout, and their personal histories. However, there are some key principles to keep in mind when role-playing scouts.”

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