Guest Appearance on Mistress of Mods

Hi Everyone! I’ll be appearing on the @mistressofmods stream this weekend! Check it out this Sunday (5/12) from 5-8 PM PST, as we play through “Dragon on the Mount”, a oneshot by @jorphdan.


The Peak of Pandemonium: Gamex 2019

My T3 module, The Peak of Pandemonium, will be premiering at Gamex 2019 (May 24-27) in Los Angeles:

When one of Faerûn’s most powerful spellcasters becomes trapped in a world of her own creation, adventurers must cross the borders between planes to tread where the Gods of Fury reign. They must battle the very will of these deities, racing to free their prisoners before the world is engulfed in pandemonium forever.

A Two- to Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 13.

Signups are on Warhorn:

Hope to see you there!

Villains & Lairs 2

Villains & Lairs 2 is LIVE! Featuring multidimensional villains created by many writers, including my own “villain”: a twist on the classic druid, they care for all creatures- beasts and monstrosities alike. Their lair features a menagerie of creatures.

“Grab it at the limited-time, introductory price of $6.95. 24 more villains, 8 new lairs, and more magic items!”–Lairs-II



Gary Con XII Announcement

The writing team for Gary Con XII has just been announced! I’m ecstatic to be collaborating some of the best and brightest writers in the DnD world. Check out this post for a link to their pages!D3GJaFfW0AEnD9t


Traps: Every Villain in D&D Has Their Own Unique Twist On Them

“Every monster or mastermind creates traps with differing designs and purposes. Creating a variety of traps that reflect the will of their creator produces a unique environment for parties to interact with.”

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Why Dungeon Masters Should Incorporate More Traps in D&D

Traps are often seen as a tax on players, that serve only to wear down characters and draw out a campaign. However, intentional use of traps can be one of the most powerful tools in a Dungeon Master’s (we call them Quest Masters) toolbox to let characters utilize their skills, balance encounter difficulty, increase player problem solving, and create a unique storytelling experience.”

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