Villains & Lairs 2

Villains & Lairs 2 is LIVE! Featuring multidimensional villains created by many writers, including my own “villain”: a twist on the classic druid, they care for all creatures- beasts and monstrosities alike. Their lair features a menagerie of creatures.

“Grab it at the limited-time, introductory price of $6.95. 24 more villains, 8 new lairs, and more magic items!”–Lairs-II




Uncaged Updates

Uncaged Anthology went live last night at midnight, and the reception has been overwhelming. We’ve reached #1 most popular title on DMsGuild and hit Silver Best Seller- and it isn’t even noon yet!

Check out this great review on Geek and Sundry:

Uncaged Volume 1

Uncaged Anthology Volume 1 is Available NOW! It includes 25 DnD Adventures for Tiers 1-4, featuring female myths and monsters. I had a blast collaborating with other amazing LGBTQ+ & minority creators on this anthology, and am excited to share our adventures with the world! The hard cover version will be available on DMsGuild in a few days, and the pdf version is available now at:–Volume-I?term=uncagedvTwitter_AvailableNow

Hunt for Dragonkin: Coming Soon to DMsGuild

Butterfield’s annual Egg Hunt falls into chaos, as the hidden eggs unexpectedly hatch- and baby blue dragons emerge. Can characters collect the dragon hatchlings in time, before their fearsome mother returns to raze Butterfield to the ground?

This adventure takes place during the Spring festival of Greengrass, featuring Easter themes and imagery, and is appropriate for adventurers of all ages. The adventure takes place in the idyllic village of Butterfield, a few hours’ ride to the northeast of Waterdeep and to the southwest of Triboar.

Hunt for Dragonkin is a 4 hour Dungeons & Dragons module for character levels 1-4. It can be played on its own or as a part of any D&D campaign.

DMsGuild RAINN Bundles

I’m proud to include my title- 150 Shops, Stalls & Stores- alongside many other great creators in the :

For $14.99, you get >$60 worth of content: and all proceeds go to . Check out all 5 bundles for great adventures & more!

Benevolent DM Kit:

All 5 RAINN Bundles:

How to Role-Play a Cultist in Dungeons & Dragons 5e

“Cultists are individuals engaged in the fervent and single-minded service of an individual or a God, often banding together to obtain extreme goals. Their interactions with characters may vary depending on the God they serve and the goals they are trying to achieve, but there are some fundamental principles to keep in mind when role-playing cultists.”

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