LIVE: Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks!

Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks just hit DMsGuild! This book includes 58 diverse NPCs for your dnd campaign, including my own contribution (a half-earth genasi, half-elf wild magic baker named Alanna). Over 130 pages of content highlighting diversity in characters, with setting-neutral options so you can integrate these NPCs into any campaign, AND it is available in digital or print edition.


Gary Con XII Announcement

The writing team for Gary Con XII has just been announced! I’m ecstatic to be collaborating some of the best and brightest writers in the DnD world. Check out this post for a link to their pages!D3GJaFfW0AEnD9t


Uncaged Updates

Uncaged Anthology went live last night at midnight, and the reception has been overwhelming. We’ve reached #1 most popular title on DMsGuild and hit Silver Best Seller- and it isn’t even noon yet!

Check out this great review on Geek and Sundry:

Uncaged Volume 1

Uncaged Anthology Volume 1 is Available NOW! It includes 25 DnD Adventures for Tiers 1-4, featuring female myths and monsters. I had a blast collaborating with other amazing LGBTQ+ & minority creators on this anthology, and am excited to share our adventures with the world! The hard cover version will be available on DMsGuild in a few days, and the pdf version is available now at:–Volume-I?term=uncagedvTwitter_AvailableNow

Uncaged Anthology

“Uncaged is a collection of myth- and folklore-themed adventures written for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Each story subverts tropes around a female mythological creature or monster. More than 100 writers and artists from around the world are involved in the project. Sign up below and be the first to see cover art, excerpts, release dates, and more! Each volume of the anthology will be available exclusively on Dungeon Masters Guild.”

I’ve contributed a piece to the anthology, which is scheduled to be released in March 2019! My adventure, What Webs We Weave, highlights driders in a 4 hour adventure for Tier 2 characters:

After a drow girl goes missing, character must delve into the depths of the Underdark to bring her back. As they journey through the dark, characters discover not all monsters are monstrous and webs are capable of restraining all manner of creatures; in fact, they can capture magic itself.

For updates and more infomation, visit the website:

Women in DnD: Changing the Face of Gaming

“The release of Dungeons & Dragons 5e has ushered in a renaissance in tabletop gaming, resulting in an explosion of diverse new players rushing to the hobby, seeking an immersive storytelling experience. As women flood into gaming stores across the country, we need to reflect on how the DnD experience is evolving and how we can work together to shape the future of DnD.”